lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Welcome to Photojournalism: A love story.

Hi! Welcome to Photojournalism: A love Story.

My name is Jesus Rodriguez, a photojournalist based in Caracas, Venezuela.

I've been thinking about making a photojournalism blog for quite a long time, but frankly speaking, i never made the time to sit on the faked leather chair in front of the computer and start "an idea" of a journalism blog that focus primarily on photography.

I believe that with so many great photojournalism blogs out there, i have the intention of become a meeting place for those wanting to find out important news in the field of photojournalism, interesting projects from photographers around the globe and why not, breaking news through lens.

Well, This is my first post! i hope you enjoy your stay here in Photojournalism: A love story.
See you in a bit.
Jesus Rodriguez.

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Estella dijo...

What a nice picture!!!

Estella dijo...

What a nice picture!!

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